RRA Notes 20: Livestock

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Published: April 1994
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692645
Product code:6089IIED

This special issue of RRA Notes looks at a range of techniques for data gathering in the fields of livestock production and planning with livestock owners.

Researchers and development practitioners recognise that using the techniques known as PRA involves far more than a series of methodologies for improving the speed or efficacy of data collection. This special issue of RRA Notes brings together some ‘participatory’ examples of practice and experience.

It includes:

A review of current and potential PRA techniques for use with communities who depend primarily on livestock for their livelihood.

An article focusing on the collection and use of ethno-veterinary data

A report on work by VetAid for an agro-pastoral community in Daye Chopan District in Afghanistan.

An article on a seasonal disease calendar developed with herders in Somaliland's Sanaag region.

A paper on work with Tibetan agro-pastoralists to learn about knowledge of livestock diseases and healing.

A report on techniques used at the United Mission to Nepal Animal Health Improvement Project in Pokhara, Nepal.

A report on research into sheep husbandry among Tzotzil Indians of southern Mexico

A guide to carrying out rapid appraisal to provide a picture of livestock conditions and veterinary problems, especially in agro-pastoral communities.

A paper reporting on the use of browse ranking in southern Zimbabwe.

A report on mapping exercises used by ActionAid in Somaliland to chart seasonal patterns

Four papers on participatory work in Mongolian pastoral communities.

An article on a PRA exercise in Botswana during one of the worst droughts of the century.

A study describing an evaluation of a community-based dairy buffalo project in Tamil Nadu.

Five papers about working with pastoralists in Kenya.

A report on how PRA methods were used by the UK NGO VetAid in Mozambique.

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