Published: October 2022
ISBN: 9781837590018
Product code:21146G

This report considers chimpanzee conservation efforts within the Bugoma-Budonga Corridor in Western Uganda’s Albertine Rift. Section 1 offers conservation practitioners and policy-makers an introductory review of conservation corridor theory. Section 2 summarises Ugandan policy on chimpanzee corridors, and then discusses the rapidly changing situation within the Bugoma-Budonga Corridor. In Section 3 we compile knowledge from unpublished mapping and scoping studies (including socio-economic surveys) that led to reforestation efforts. These had some success, yet have faced overwhelming external pressures. Although useful knowledge has been gained, a wider approach is urgently needed.

Section 4 examines potential ways forward, including purchase/lease of land for conservation, collective land titling to incentivise reforestation, and using existing legislation to manage land alongside waterways.

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Lamprey, R., Burke, C., Green, A., Nantongo, P., Kalibwani, F., Simons, H., van Andel, S., Niwamanya, R., Lawson, C., Howard, P., Brett, R.Roe, D. (eds), Watson, M. (eds), Booker, F. (eds) (2022). Creating Corridors for Chimpanzee Conservation.
IIED, London