Published: October 2022
ISBN: 9781837590018
Product code:21146G

This report considers chimpanzee conservation efforts within the Bugoma-Budonga Corridor in Western Uganda’s Albertine Rift. Section 1 offers conservation practitioners and policy-makers an introductory review of conservation corridor theory. Section 2 summarises Ugandan policy on chimpanzee corridors, and then discusses the rapidly changing situation within the Bugoma-Budonga Corridor. In Section 3 we compile knowledge from unpublished mapping and scoping studies (including socio-economic surveys) that led to reforestation efforts. These had some success, yet have faced overwhelming external pressures. Although useful knowledge has been gained, a wider approach is urgently needed.

Section 4 examines potential ways forward, including purchase/lease of land for conservation, collective land titling to incentivise reforestation, and using existing legislation to manage land alongside waterways.

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Lamprey, R., Burke, C., Green, A., Nantongo, P., Kalibwani, F., Simons, H., van Andel, S., Niwamanya, R., Lawson, C., Howard, P. and Brett, R. Roe, D. (eds), Watson, M. (eds) and Booker, F. (eds) (2022). Creating Corridors for Chimpanzee Conservation. IIED, London.
Available at https://www.iied.org/21146g