Pastoralism and pastoral policy in Ethiopia

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, 178 pages
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Published: April 2015
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This text book by lecturers from the universities of Bule Hora, Jigjiga and Samara in Ethiopia accompanies their common course on Pastoralism Today tauught as part of their undergraduate and graduate programmes. The common course introduces students to the fascinating and rich world of pastoralism in Ethiopia and beyond.

The common course and this text book are designed to enable students from different personal and professional background to understand how pastoralism functions as a system, its contributions to local, national and global econmies, and sustainable environmental management, and its role in promoting peace and harmony between pastoral and other communities.

It was produced following an intensive training programme on pastoralism and policy delivered by Tufts University and the International Institute for Environment and Development. Funding was also provided by CORDAID and USAID. 

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