Putting biodiversity at the centre of development: a checklist for reviewing the mainstreaming potential of a country’s NBSAP

, 14 pages
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Published: February 2015
ISBN: 9781784311360
Product code:17572IIED

How do you know that your NBSAP will be fit to serve as an instrument for mainstreaming biodiversity into key development policies, plans and processes? Does it address development issues – those that create potential for biodiversity as well as those that may present problems? Does the NBSAP make sense to development actors and reflect their concerns? Were the right people involved in its creation? Does it directly link to development plans, programmes, and funding?

This checklist provides a simple structure for reviewing a country’s NBSAP to make sure it contains the essential ingredients for biodiversity mainstreaming. The essence of it has been tested against revised NBSAPs in several African countries and while the questions are suggested to help with the review process, they are not exhaustive — you may want to ask other questions too.