Future world? Addressing the contradictions of planet, people, power and profits

Discussion paper
PDF (3.88 MB)
Published: June 2013
ISBN: 9781843699415
Product code:17158IIED

This paper provides an overview of six global trends and drivers of change to which IIED will need to respond in some way in our next five year strategy. The paper is intended as a background to discussions around formulating this strategy, and highlights the continuing relevance of sustainable development as a framework for addressing some fundamental challenges to ‘business as usual’.

We draw on a range of global scenarios to illustrate likely trends, with 2030 and 2050 usually taken as milestones by which to measure change. We also look at a selection of countries we know well, to show how these trends play out at national and local levels, and to explore the range of practical responses being pursued on the ground.

We invite your responses to the questions at the end of each section and any comments on the paper itself.

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