PLA 63: How wide are the ripples? From local participation to international organisational learning

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Published: September 2011
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843698210
Product code:14606IIED

This special issue explores how widely the impacts – or ‘ripples’ – created by participatory processes spread from their original source.

The articles examine the possibilities and challenges involved in sharing grassroots knowledge. The authors share their reflections and experiences of bringing grassroots knowledge and information from participatory processes to bear at an international level.

This issue is divided into sections: ~• Part I: Participatory communication practices: how is the information generated?~• Part II: Making sense: the dynamics of interpretation and use of participatory outputs~• Part III: Learning in organisations ~• Part IV: Structures, mechanisms and spaces which facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the grassroots~• Tips for trainers section: including a paper on working with community stories.