PLA 62: Wagging the dragon's tail: emerging practices in participatory poverty reduction in China

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Published: August 2011
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843698005
Product code:14605IIED

This special issue of Participatory Learning and Action reflects on the journey towards participatory approaches to poverty reduction in China, focusing on transformations at the interface between government and rural communities.

The articles show how development and poverty approaches continue to evolve in the specific Chinese political context and its ongoing governance changes, and in line with China’s unique ability to experiment with and pilot new approaches, pragmatically using international experience.

The discussion is relevant and important for the global audience that is trying to understand China’s unique approach to development and its implication for global poverty reduction. It is also relevant to understand how and under what conditions participatory approaches become embedded in specific contexts.

This issue draws on case studies from internationally funded projects, including a community-led monitoring and evaluation project – the China Watershed Management Project (CWMP). It also includes other articles on participation in China, as well as relevant resources and tips for trainers.