The Earthscan Reader in Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation

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Published: February 2010
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In the last decade biodiversity loss and persistent poverty in developing countries have been recognised as major international problems that require urgent attention. However, the nature and scale of the links between these two problems, and between efforts to address them, has been the subject of much heated debate. Understanding the different elements of this debate is critical if we are to move towards constructive solutions.

This Reader provides a guide to, and commentary on, the different strands of the current conservation-poverty debate through a selection of key readings from both the conservation and development literature including policy documents, journal articles and reports. The breadth of material will help readers, including both students and professionals, to locate current debates within their wider contexts.

Among the areas of debate covered are:~- The lack of attention to biodiversity concerns in international development policy~- The social implications of protectionist conservation policy~- The roles and responsibilities of conservation NGOs towards local communities~- The links between climate change, biodiversity and poverty reduction, and in particular the implication of discussions around reduced emissions from deforestation (REDD) as a climate change mitigation strategy.

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