Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas

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, 222 pages
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English, Español
Published: April 2006
Reclaiming Diversity and Citizenship
ISBN: 9781843696018
Product code:14506IIED

This book seeks to:

1.examine the political, economic, cultural, and ecological dimensions of food sovereignty
2.generate and exchange technically informed and practically applicable knowledge
3.provide an interactive space for the formation of cross-cultural alliances between the U.S. and Latin America among academics and practitioners.

It addresses a recurring question on how to build stronger relationships between academics and practitioners, including farmers and NGOs, working at the intersection of food, agricultural, and environmental issues. The book grew out of a workshop at Yale University on “Food Sovereignty, Conservation, and Social Movements for Sustainable Agriculture in the Americas”. In the spirit of this unique workshop, the organizers have compiled this book, which synthesizes the proceedings, expands on insights derived there, and provides concrete recommendations to academics, policy-makers, farmers’ movements, and other audiences.

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