Equitable REDD+: Exploring concepts and strategies

Discussion paper
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Published: November 2014
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Equity means different things to different people. As this discussion paper will show, this is a reflection of different principles, frames of reference and scales. Equity is important for both moral and instrumental reasons and while there is no one right way to understand equity it is important both in terms of social and environmental objectives that there is a common understanding of equity in a particular context.

This discussion paper presents and explores a framework for understanding equity in REDD+, and for strengthening the different approaches that are being used to enhance equity in REDD+. The framework may also be used as the basis for assessing equity in REDD+ as part of a process of assessing the social impacts of REDD+, although further work is needed on practical assessment methods.

The discussion paper includes a set of questions that aim to stimulate a discussion around key issues. Please send your contributions to [email protected].

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