Tenure in REDD: Start-point or afterthought?

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, 67 pages
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Published: May 2009
Natural Resource Issues
ISBN: 9781843697367
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As new mechanisms for ‘reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation’ (REDD) are being negotiated in international climate change talks, resource tenure must be given greater attention. Tenure over land and trees – the systems of rights, rules, institutions and processes regulating their access and use – will affect the extent to which REDD and related strategies will benefit, or marginalise, forest communities.

This report aims to promote debate on the issue. Drawing on experience from seven rainforest countries (Brazil, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea), the report develops a typology of tenure regimes across countries, explores tenure issues in each country, and identifies key challenges to be addressed if REDD is to have equitable and sustainable impact.

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