Ambivalence and contradiction: A review of the policy environment in Tanzania in relation to pastoralism

Issue paper
, 100 pages
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English, Français
Published: March 2006
Drylands Issue Paper
ISBN: 9781843696063
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Tanzania is undergoing a rapid pace of policy change and reforms which will affect different communities in different ways. This reflects the difficulty accommodating the huge diversity of Tanzania's environment and natural resources, and the varied livelihoods of its citizens. Some of the institutional reforms will have serious repercussions on pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods, the good management of the environment and peaceful co-existence among communities. The rapid pace of change has also prevented many citizens from participating in and shaping the policy options and directions being proposed by government. As a result, many communities have been left behind, particularly rural people, and in particular the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. This report is an edited version of a study reviewing existing and planned policies and laws on pastoralism and analysing how they actually impact, or are likely to impact, on pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods.