The Future Is Now Vol.3: Emerging Challenges for the Indonesia PrepCom

Reports/papers (non-specific)
, 111 pages
PDF (1.53 MB)
Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9781899825806
Product code:11048IIED

In 2001 IIED marked its 30th anniversary. Thirty years ago, IIED's founder, Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos published 'Only One Earth' which helped to set the agenda at the Stockholm UN Conference on the Human Environment. For the Rio UN Conference on Environment and Development, IIED published a series of reports as a brief and accessible guide to the key issues.
In preparation for the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, in August 2002, IIED has produced a new series, 'The Future is Now', to explore lessons from the past and options for the future. This title is the third of four in the series.