Lessons from Karachi: The Role of Demonstration, Documentation, Mapping and Relationship Building in Advocacy for Improved Urban Sanitation and Water Services

Working paper
, 103 pages
PDF (2.05 MB)
Published: August 2008
Human Settlements Working Paper
ISBN: 9781843697121
Product code:10560IIED

The aim of this study report is to highlight the importance of mapping and documentation, for effective relationship building and advocacy. The report discusses how demonstration of solutions and the documentation and mapping, which are at the heart of the Orangi Pilot Project- Research and Training Institute’s (OPP-RTI’s) work, established the grounds on which relations with both government and communities were built. It identifies formal and informal processes, underscoring how these relationships have been nurtured over time. Thus the report delves deeper into the process and strategy for advocacy than have the numerous other publications on OPP-RTI which have covered this aspect of the project only in brief.