Finance for housing, livelihoods and basic services

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Published: April 2008
Environment and Urbanization
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This issue includes papers on finance for housing in Central America, finance for sanitation in Pakistan, and finance for incremental house construction.

There are also papers on finance to support livelihoods and housing in Tamil Nadu, Hubli-Dharwad and a low-income municipality within Buenos Aires; and a discussion of the cost for urban poor groups of being excluded from conventional financial services. And there are papers on the free basic water programme in South Africa, the use of cash transfers to tackle child poverty in Peru, plans to develop Dharavi in Mumbai, and the winners and losers from the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.

There are also four papers on climate change and cities, with a case study of Mombasa’s vulnerability, a discussion of mitigation and adaptation for Indian cities, and papers on climate change and health and climate change and flooding in urban areas.