Pamoja voices climate-resilience planning toolkit. To support inclusive climate-resilient planning for cooperatives

PDF (2.65 MB)
English, Swahili
Published: September 2020
ISBN: 9781784318130
Product code:10205IIED

The Pamoja Voices toolkit enables all voices and priorities within a cooperative — whether those of women, men or youth — to be heard, and to facilitate the collective identification of solutions to climate change, gender and day-to-day business challenges facing all members. This toolkit has been developed with the objective of facilitating more inclusive decision-making processes within cooperatives, ensuring the challenges facing all groups — especially those who are marginalised or vulnerable — are equally heard and addressed.

The toolkit has been designed to be used by cooperatives and organisations that support them including NGOs, community-based organisations, academia, financial institutions, and national and local governments working with cooperatives to support achievement of these aims. The exercises create a safe space that allows all voices to be heard, bringing all voices together to overcome identified challenges through development of a collective cooperative action plan.