Low carbon resilient development and gender equality in the least developed countries

Issue paper
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Published: March 2015
ISBN: 9781784311445
Product code:10117IIED

Bringing together the dual aims of low-carbon and climate resilient development has become a significant policy goal in planning for climate change. This, along with an increasing recognition of the importance of gender equality in the field of climate change has led to an emergence of low carbon resilient development planning that is starting to take gender considerations into account. Gender mainstreaming is recognised as a systematic way to develop gender equality and so integrated planning is being developed across a range of issues around climate and gender. However, integrating such multiple agendas poses a challenge – most notably to Least Developed Countries who are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, and are also part of efforts to develop low carbon or green growth pathways to mitigate emissions. This paper examines how Least Developed Countries are meeting this challenge and how gender considerations have been incorporated into different aspects of low carbon resilient development planning.