Up in Smoke? Latin America and the Caribbean

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, 48 pages
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English, Español
Published: August 2006
ISBN: 1904882129
Product code:10017IIED

Climate Change is already hitting Latin America and the Caribbean and this is increasing the vulnerability of poor communities. “Up in Smoke? Latin America and the Caribbean” is the third report from the Working Group on Climate Change and Development. The supporting organisations of this report are: Progressio (formerly CIIR), ActionAid International, Christian Aid, Tearfund, nef (the new economics foundation), Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, CAFOD, RSPB, WWF, IIED (the International Institute for Environment and Development), Practical Action (formerly ITDG), people & planet, Columban Faith and Justice, Operation Noah, teri Europe, Medact, BirdLife International and WorldVision. These agencies have on-the-ground experience of working with communities whose fragile existences, and the ecosystems in which they live, are being further threatened by global warming. (this report is also available to download in Spanish & Portuguese)

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