Camilla Toulmin's blog posts

05 Mar 2015  |  Communication
IIED's outgoing director Camilla Toulmin looks back on how the organisation has grown and evolved over the last 12 years
22 Jan 2015  |  Economics, Governance, Policy and planning
As the rich and powerful gather in Davos, IIED director Camilla Toulmin urges a change in attitudes to taxation to tackle growing inequality
13 Jan 2015  |  Climate change, Governance, Policy and planning
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, IIED director Camilla Toulmin looks at the promises and challenges for the year ahead
11 Dec 2014  |  Climate change, Communication, Policy and planning
IIED director Camilla Toulmin reflects on her trip to Lima for the COP20 Development and Climate Days
01 Dec 2014  |  Communication, Partners
As part of a regular series following the announcement of her planned departure, IIED director Camilla Toulmin reflects on a decade of leading the institute
17 Nov 2014  |  Climate change
Coal companies are in complete denial — the developing world doesn't need more pollution or expensive new grids, but renewable energy sources
30 Oct 2014  |  Gender, Policy and planning, Poverty
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is launching an unprecedented appeal in response to the Ebola crisis, but what lessons must we learn if we are to effectively and equitably tackle...
29 Oct 2014  |  Communication, Drylands and pastoralism
IIED director Camilla Toulmin writes about her decision to step down after ten years, and outlines how the institute will search for her successor
21 Oct 2014  |  Climate change, Communication
Climate expert Fatima Denton from the Economic Commission for Africa will say it's time for more optimism on Africa and climate change at an IIED lecture to celebrate Barbara Ward's...
23 Sep 2014  |  Climate change, Participation
People around the world are putting increasing pressure on world leaders to take action on climate change, as demonstrated by this week’s climate march in New York