Camilla Toulmin's blog posts

10 Mar 2014  |  Governance
A focus on four key priorities could help Least Developed Country governments lift their citizens out of poverty by generating inclusive growth
23 Dec 2013  |  Governance, Policy and planning
Future generations will thank those of today's leaders who take a longer-term view of the many challenges we face, says Camilla Toulmin.
18 Dec 2013  |  Natural resource management
IIED director Camilla Toulmin addresses this year's Fuller Symposium, discussing the global forces that affect local communities and their ability to control their natural resources
06 Aug 2013  |  Governance
A second round of elections will now have to be held following a “calm” first vote. Challenges to be overcome include poor voter turnout in the north and heavy rains.
14 Jun 2013  |  Governance, Land acquisitions and rights
The G8 leaders meet in Northern Ireland on June 17, with the UK in the chair, and trade, tax, and transparency as the text. It’s a revolutionary agenda, if seen through to the end.
12 Jun 2013  |  Governance, Natural resource management
People in Bamako, Mali support different politicians — but share remarkably similar political priorities.
07 Jun 2013  |  Natural resource management, Sustainable markets
Our new paper on global trends aims to provoke debate as part of the process of developing IIED’s new five-year strategy. Read it and tell us what you think.
14 May 2013  |  Governance
Tomorrow in Brussels a meeting will be held of governments and multilateral organisations to discuss with the Malian government and civil society groups how best to help the country...
01 Mar 2013  |  Economics, Green economy
A Chatham House hosted meeting on green growth offers clues for governments perplexed as to how and when to get the economy growing again – this time more sustainably.
18 Jan 2013  |  Drylands and pastoralism
As French and Malian combat soldiers fight al-Qaeda-linked groups in Mali, the director of IIED reflects on her experiences of life in a village near Diabaly, close to the conflict.