Climate Resilience Assessment Toolkit - Kenya

Published: January 2016
Product code:X00157

Resilience Assessment is a participatory process allowing local people, differentiated by production system, gender and age, to articulate the rationale underpinning their livelihood strategies. It differs from other planning approaches in that it seeks to explicitly to enable and empower local people to explain to those external to their community such as government planners or NGOs staff, the logic of their production strategies in the face of climate variability and change.

The aim of resilience assessment to the Consortium is to pilot an approach that can be mainstreamed into the formal planning system thereby institutionalizing the integration of local perspective and knowledge into county and local government decision making processes. Ensuring that the approach and tools are pertinent, affordable and implementable by county or local governments, and which directly builds on the existing planning system to avoid parallel/and or competing approaches, has been central to the process

This toolkit provides an opportunity for local government, CSOs and communities to discuss how local livelihood functions and interact, the factors that constrain their resilience to the impacts of climate change, and practical ways to build adaptive capacity and long-term resilience.