Shared governance of protected areas in Africa: case studies, lessons learnt and conditions of success

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Published: May 2015
Product code:X00139

This study focuses on shared governance of protected areas (PAs) in sub-Saharan Africa and aims to highlight good governance practices for PAs in the region. It is part of a series of four commissioned and published by IUCN's Program on African Protected Areas & Conservation. The others - providing an overview and focusing on state and private governance models respectively - are available for download at The review charts the rise, and in some case the fall, of shared governance in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 25 years with a particular focus on five countries. Although there have been some notable failures, and the rate of growth in shared governance has fallen in the last ten years, there still seem to be many successful examples, and the recommendations from our analysis suggest how these might be further strengthened and effectively replicated.