Why REDD matters in Mozambique - a story in pictures

In 2010, on behalf of IIED, photographer Mike Goldwater made his way round Maputo, Nampula and beyond to capture a pictorial story of the causes of deforestation in Mozambique and the possible responses to those threats that might be assisted by REDD finance.

News, 14 February 2011

The resulting gallery captures the realities that Mike discovered.  We see the people and communities that depend on forest areas.  From individual needs to the large-scale industrial, the logging, fuel needs and expanding agriculture that threaten the forests are revealed. 

But we also see the responses to these threats already taking place nationally.  From community level to the national government, ideas are being researched and tested to battle the deforestation and find sustainable solutions to climate change that benefit the poor.  These images give some indication as to why REDD matters in Mozambique - and why getting it right will need to involve those people whose lives it will affect.

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