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2 November 2011 |

The floods this year in Thailand have been unprecedented. Floods have now entered parts of Bangkok, the country's capital city, and the fate of the rest of the city hangs in the balance. An extraordinary volume of water – more than 10,000 million cubic metres – somehow needs to get from Thailand's central plains to the sea, with Bangkok standing in the way.

20 October 2011 |

When a large disaster hits – like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami – it receives international media coverage, aid is mobilised and aid agencies rush to respond. While survivors of smaller disasters might wish for such attention, there are some serious negative side-effects to these responses. Survivors are often sidelined with little influence on the responses chosen and with little control over how the external funding is used or prioritised, as these decisions rest mostly with external funders. But responses  that don’t consult with them risk not only failing, but potentially weakening the communities they’re working with. It doesn’t have to be this way.