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21 June 2018 |

Sarah Colenbrander and Andrew Sudmant report on research showing that cutting greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas will benefit vulnerable residents most

9 January 2018 |

How can cities in poor countries raise funds for major infrastructure projects? Sarah Colenbrander and Denise Chan look at two success stories and suggest how local governments can build their financial skills and credibility with investors. 

14 September 2017 |

A new study shows that increasing population density within cities generates significant economic benefits. But successfully harnessing the power of compact cities also requires large-scale investments in transport and housing. 

13 June 2017 |

International definitions of the poverty line don't take into the account the additional costs of living in cities. Sarah Colenbrander says the urban poor can help institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank develop accurate, local, definitions of urban poverty.

5 May 2017 |

A new report explores how cities can increase their resilience and resource efficiency – but highlights possible tensions between these two environmental agendas. 

4 October 2016 |

The international commitment to reducing inequality marks a welcome breakthrough. But without clearer targets for measuring progress, driving change to tackle rising inequality will be a challenge.

1 April 2016 |

City governments in East Africa are grappling with rapid urbanisation and widespread poverty. Pursuing low-carbon urban development could offer many benefits.

21 September 2015 |

There are compelling economic opportunities for cities to reduce their carbon footprints – but will these measures be enough to stay below 2 degrees of warming?

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David Satterthwaite and Sarah Colenbrander
7 June 2017 |

While welcoming the support from Michael Bloomberg for a new city-focused global public health initiative, David Satterthwaite and Sarah Colenbrander raise concerns about what is not included.