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24 February 2017 |

New research from IIED and Hivos shows the potential for energy entrepreneurs to scale up productive energy use in Tanzania. But to make it work, funders and policymakers need to provide incentives, support experimentation, and encourage collaboration.

20 February 2017 |

For Tanzania to meet its energy needs - and in a way that is sustainable - huge levels of finance are required to boost its decentralised energy sector. But the latest research shows current funding flows are way off target.

12 September 2016 |

There has been remarkable advances in energy access for rural households. But building the wider economy requires energy services that power new jobs and enterprises.

29 May 2015 |

Finance for off-grid energy is increasing – the big challenge is working out how best to blend public and private investment to deliver energy services for poor communities.

22 September 2014 |

Increasing energy access and transitioning from dirty to clean energy will take capacity building – but current capacity building efforts need a makeover to be effective.

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Neha Rai and Sarah Best
24 June 2016 |

As the Green Climate Fund's board meets to decide on a second round of spending it needs to prioritise initiatives that will reach the climate vulnerable, rather than large-scale business as usual investments.