Emily Benson's blog posts

18 February 2016 |

On 25 February IIED is hosting an event on the informal sector – we want to better understand how it can contribute to creating a greener and more inclusive economy.

5 June 2013 |

The UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel has published their set of recommendations to replace the Millennium Development Goals. What is the verdict? How do they ‘score’?

17 January 2012 |

<p>President Jonathan of Nigeria has partly recalled his New Year policy, restoring most of the subsidy on fossil fuels, following days of strikes. So, was he right to repeal the subsidy on fossil fuels?</p>

29 July 2011 |

We’ve come a step closer to a petrol-free future. This week in the UK, the world’s first national charging network for electric cars was launched.