UN publishes new Adaptation Gap Report

Reacting to the publication of the UN’s latest Adaptation Gap Report, Tom Mitchell, executive director of IIED, said: "There simply hasn’t been enough money pledged by the richest to help the poorest and most vulnerable people adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

Press release, 03 November 2022

“IIED’s analysis shows it’s as little as $11 per person per year in the least developed countries. Not only that, the countries, communities and people who need it find the promised finance is often made completely inaccessible by onerous systems and red tape.

“Those people least able to cope with climate emergencies are already facing rising sea levels, scorching temperatures and more frequent floods. Climate justice must be served by bigger and better pledges of finance from the richest countries whose carbon emissions are the greatest. It needs to be easily accessible and those directly affected by climate change should be the ones deciding when and how it is spent. 

“The international community should be doing all it can to help the most vulnerable countries cope with climate change impacts, including addressing their spiralling debt burdens which have grown hugely in the wake of the pandemic and amid a global energy and food price crisis.”

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