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  • Ladeh Panjang Wetlands. Photo: Luke Mackin

    Building evidence on how biodiversity affects poverty

    There is an explicit assumption that reducing the rate of biodiversity loss can help in efforts to tackle global poverty. But the evidence for this assumption is surprisingly weak. This project aims to review the existing evidence base, identify knowledge gaps and make evidence more widely available.

    22 June 2015 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Seaweed farming in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, is an example of an alternative livelihood project (Photo: Yeowatzup via Creative Commons

    Are "alternative livelihoods" projects effective?

    Considerable sums have been spent on projects designed to provide people with alternative ways to make a living in and around protected or biodiverse areas. But do such projects work?

    4 February 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • The Sumatran rhinoceros

    World Conservation Congress: key themes and a new leader to watch

    The role of markets and the green economy, and the risks of monetising nature were two key themes that emerged from the Conference.

    17 September 2012 | Blog | Biodiversity
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