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  • A road full of congested traffic

    IIED and partner events at the World Urban Forum (WUF10)

    This page summarises the activities of IIED, its researchers and partners during the 10th session of the World Urban Forum (WUF10) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 8-13 February 2020

    4 February 2020 | Article | Urban
  • A cityscape

    IIED podcast explores opportunities for urban change

    Ahead of the 2020 World Urban Forum, the third episode of IIED's ‘Make Change Happen’ podcast looks at how our local-to-global urban work developed and its current priorities

    4 February 2020 | News | Urban
  • Three people sat around a table speaking into microphones

    Seizing opportunities for urban change: Make Change Happen podcast episode 3

    A quarter of the world’s urban population live in informal settlements, mostly in the global South. Launched before the 2020 World Urban Forum, this episode looks at how IIED’s work with marginalised urban communities developed, and what opportunities exist now for building more inclusive cities

    4 February 2020 | Article | Urban
  • Esther Atieno prepares dinner for her family in Kisumu City, Kenya, using a jiko kisasa (firewood stove). Without city-wide data on electricity and fuel use available from utilities and companies, cities can survey a set of households on their energy use and extrapolate the results (Photo: Peter Kapuscinski/World Bank)

    Global to local: supporting cities to meet the New Urban Agenda

    The New Urban Agenda sets ambitious sustainability objectives for cities of all sizes. At the 9th World Urban Forum, IIED worked with local governments on how to deliver against the wide-ranging goals. Alexandra Norodom reflects on the power of inclusive processes

    23 March 2018 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • The 9th session of the World Urban Forum, the world's premier conference on urban issues, took place in Malaysia in February. Like many international events, there were questions about how it addressed gender (Photo: National Housing Development Authority, via Google licence)

    Moving past the token 'woman' word

    Does having women speakers and representation influence international events' overall focus on gender, and will having a woman at the top of UN-Habitat change how gender is considered in the agency's activities? Or do we still have further to go in integrating gender into events?

    7 March 2018 | Blog | Gender
  • More than 80 representatives of slum-dwellers federations attended the 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur (Photo: United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: the World Urban Forum brought together governments and grassroots – what next?

    This global urban conference was more inclusive than ever – but IIED researchers say talk needs to be followed up by action to unlock positive transformation for people living in informal settlements.

    14 February 2018 | Article | Urban
  • Women in developing countries are particularly vulnerable, but are their voices sufficiently heard at major international events? (Photo: Victoria Hickman)

    New IIED discussion series focuses on gender at international events

    A new series of discussion seminars organised by IIED will examine how issues of gender are addressed at major international conferences. 

    31 January 2018 | News | Communication
  • IIED Senior Researcher David Dodman presents his report to the World Urban Forum

    Presenting the case for environment and urban integration

    Watch a video presentation to the World Urban Forum 7 by IIED's David Dodman to unveil a report that supports decision-makers' efforts to integrate the environment in urban planning and management

    11 April 2014 | Article | Policy and planning
  • Cebu, Phillipines

    6th World Urban Forum: will the agenda of slum and shack dwellers ever get considered?

    David Satterthwaite asks why representatives from the federations and networks of slum or shack dwellers were absent from almost all the official events and wonders when their priorities will get the attention they deserve.

    7 September 2012 | Blog | Urban
  • City without limits: keeping pace with the urban poor

    Celine D’Cruz, coordinator of Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI), talks about her work with IIED

    18 November 2008 | Article | Urban
  • World Urban Forum

    Fourth session of the World Urban Forum, 03 - 06 November 2008, Nanjing, China Theme: Harmonious Urbanization: The Challenge of Balanced Territorial Development  

    30 October 2008 | Article | Urban
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