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  • Oxen plough teams bring bigger fields and easier farmwork (Photo: Camilla Toulmin/IIED)

    Notes from the field – Dlonguebougou, Mali

    Returning to the village in Mali she first studied 35 years ago, senior fellow Camilla Toulmin finds three changes remarkable

    11 April 2017 | Blog | Drylands and pastoralism
  • Smog over Kathamandu. Air pollution in Nepal's capital regularly breaches the World Health Organisation's safety guidelines (Kashish Das Shrestha)

    Clearing the air in Kathmandu

    As one of the world's fastest urbanising countries, how can Nepal manage growing demand for transport and electricity, while ensuring clean air?

    7 June 2016 | Blog | Energy
  • A man stands behind an electricity generator

    Energy literacy for all? Cracking the very hard 'soft side' of energy development

    Increasing energy access and transitioning from dirty to clean energy requires capacity building – but current capacity building efforts need a makeover to be effective. So far, it seams that capacity building measures just aren’t delivering results. This blog posts some thoughts and questions about the way forward.

    22 September 2014 | Blog | Energy
  • Closeup of the flame of a small oil lamp.

    Energy equity: can the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative make a difference?

    The Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (abbreviated to SE4ALL) has set three goals to be attained by 2030: 1) ensuring universal access to modern energy services; 2) doubling the rate of improve

    29 March 2012 | Blog | Energy
  • How to scale up sustainable energy: answers from the Ashden Awards

    All sorts of sustainable energy initiatives across the world are providing solutions to local energy problems. But how can these be scaled up to reach billions of people and really tackle the big issues of climate change and energy access for all? This was the question on everyone’s lips at the Ashden Awards conference last week. And there was a lot to learn from the five international finalists. In a series of films, presentations and discussions each finalist shared their experience of creating new technologies, innovative business models and inspirational marketing initiatives to find solutions that benefit the environment and improve livelihoods. And, despite working against a backdrop of financial limitations and unsupportive policy environments, they are all managing to scale up at a fantastic rate.

    21 June 2011 | Blog | Energy
  • Adapting to climate change in Bangladesh

    30 March 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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