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  • A woman holds up woven baskets

    Nominating your outstanding women in development

    On the day that IIED was meant to host its latest Barbara Ward Lecture we have launched a campaign to highlight outstanding women in development. Here, our staff nominate some of the women who inspire them

    15 June 2020 | Article | Communication
  • Corporates could teach NGOs a thing or two about sustainability

    Or, at least, about communicating about it. Corporates are using innovative social media approaches when talking about sustainability — non-profits should take note.

    27 June 2012 | Blog | Communication
  • A young parliamentarian addresses the Shadow Children’s Parliament in Lesotho, Credit: World Vision Lesotho

    What makes a citizen?

    Citizenship is a topical issue in the UK: it’s a compulsory school curriculum subject and immigrants are required to sit a Citizenship exam to show their knowledge of their adoptive country. But what does `being a citizen’ really mean?

    9 January 2012 | Blog | Governance
  • Climate communications day: we need to “tell stories”

    “When talking to the converted...we’re looking for depth. When we’re talking to others... we need simple messages” and to tell stories that people can relate to, says Liz Carlile, Director of Communications at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

    1 December 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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