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    Shared vulnerabilities? Connecting climate and health in cities: Make Change Happen podcast episode 7

    IIED's latest podcast episode explores how cross-sector learning and collaboration may be one key to creating more resilient and equitable cities

    6 August 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • Screenshot of speakers with text: podcast episode 6

    Reimagining refugee futures: cities, not camps? Make Change Happen podcast episode 6

    For World Refugee Day, we discuss new IIED research comparing refugees’ experiences of life in urban areas to that in camps, and hear about an energy access project that captures some of the complexity of working with displaced people

    19 June 2020 | Article | Communication
  • People sit around a desk and talk into microphones

    What makes a sustainable diet? And who decides? Make Change Happen podcast episode 5

    Globally, we are producing more food than ever. But for many of the world’s poorer citizens, secure access to safe food is becoming less certain. To counter this, an advocacy programme called Sustainable Diets for All is asking: how can we create food systems that are fairer, healthier and more sustainable? We explore the programme’s citizen-led approach and hear from local partners

    5 May 2020 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Four people sat around a table speaking into microphones

    The trouble with growth: Make Change Happen podcast episode 4

    The concept of economic growth has dominated political and policy thinking for 50 years. But increasingly, that hold is being questioned, as the urgent need to cut emissions, protect nature and create a more socially just world becomes ever clearer. In this episode, IIED director Andrew Norton asks: what is the trouble with growth, and how can we fix it?

    11 March 2020 | Article | Economics
  • A cityscape

    IIED podcast explores opportunities for urban change

    Ahead of the 2020 World Urban Forum, the third episode of IIED's ‘Make Change Happen’ podcast looks at how our local-to-global urban work developed and its current priorities

    4 February 2020 | News | Urban
  • Three people sat around a table speaking into microphones

    Seizing opportunities for urban change: Make Change Happen podcast episode 3

    A quarter of the world’s urban population live in informal settlements, mostly in the global South. Launched before the 2020 World Urban Forum, this episode looks at how IIED’s work with marginalised urban communities developed, and what opportunities exist now for building more inclusive cities

    4 February 2020 | Article | Urban
  • IIED's director Camilla Toulmin discusses 'land-grabs' on Guardian podcast

    Large-scale international land deals are having a huge impact on local communities. In this podcast produced by The Guardian, journalist Madeleine Bunting and a panel of guests discuss the issue and debate whether anything can be done to make these agricultural investments work for global development.

    28 January 2011 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
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