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  • Floating boards on a lake, hiding the fish farming cages underneath

    Lessons for building a natural capital legacy

    Musing on the lessons learnt at the end of a project in Uganda about how to use natural capital accounts to inform policymaking, Rosalind Goodrich considers what it takes to build a legacy that will inform decision-making for years to come

    17 August 2021 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Boat on a lake and a waterfall in the background

    Making natural capital accounting an institution in Uganda

    After joining a workshop to hear about some of Uganda’s recently completed natural capital accounts, Rosalind Goodrich reflects on what it takes to make this approach a fixture in government policy and process

    11 December 2020 | Blog | Economics
  • Fishermen hauling in a net

    Accounting for small-scale fisheries and the ocean

    As the interest in accounting for ocean economies grows, we need to ensure vulnerable small-scale fishers and communities do not continue to be left behind

    5 August 2019 | Project | Fisheries
  • An aerial view of Entebbe airport. The airport is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, close to numerous environmentally sensitive wetland areas (Photo: Niranjanoak, Creative Commons via Wikipedia)

    Environment or the economy? How Uganda uses natural capital accounts in policymaking

    When half of a country’s wealth is natural capital it is vital this resource is managed well. If people, businesses and government policies put natural capital at risk, then long term sustainable development is jeopardised. A recent meeting in Kampala, Uganda, discussed how natural capital accounts can inform better decision making for a viable future

    9 January 2019 | Blog | Economics
  • Men fishing on the beach in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

    Webinar: No hidden catch: mainstreaming small-scale fisheries in national accounts

    This webinar on 20 November 2018 discussed how natural capital accounting methods could be used to identify the contribution made by small-scale fisheries to the national economy

    7 November 2018 | Event | Economics
  • Artisanal fishermen in the Philippines. In a nation made up of 7,100 islands, small-scale fishing provides livelihoods to hundreds of thousands of people.  (Photo: Bernard Spragg. NZ, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: Revealing the value of small-scale fishing to national economies

    There are millions of small-scale fisheries around the world, providing food and livelihoods for families and local communities, yet they go unnoticed by sector statistics, which focus on the overall contribution of the fishing industry to the national economy. As a result, they receive minimal attention from policymakers and consequently, minimal investment — if any. 

    23 May 2018 | Article | Fisheries
  • Natural capital accounting can help monitor progress against Sustainable Development Goals indicators (Photo: Rosalind Goodrich/IIED)

    Making the link between the SDGs and natural capital accounting

    There is a risk that policymakers working on the Sustainable Development Goals see the 17 goals as 17 separate issues and fail to integrate efforts to achieve them. Rosalind Goodrich reports on a forum that looked at how natural capital accounting can encourage an integrated approach to achieving the SDGs and provide useful information for policy decisions

    3 January 2018 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • Forest landscape in northern Costa Rica. Natural capital accounting has shown the value of Costa Rica's forests and forest products (Photo: keltikee, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Natural capital accounting: six tips for engaging policymakers

    How to engage a policy audience in an approach they are not familiar with – what we've learnt from our work with WAVES

    1 August 2016 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • An image of a river splitting the hills of the Chinchiná River Basin in Colombia, one of eight countries in which IIED worked with the World Bank on natural capital accounting (Photo: Rosalind Goodrich/IIED)

    Accounting for the value of natural resources

    IIED worked with the World Bank as part of the WAVES partnership to support the inclusion of sustainable use of natural resources in development planning, and make clear the contribution they make to the economy in national accounts

    20 May 2016 | Article | Natural resource management
  • Wetlands are one of the most under-valued ecosystems. Japan's wetlands provide a habitat for many species of fauna and flora (Photo: Tanaka Juuyoh, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Want to convince politicians why they should protect the environment? Talk like an economist

    Calculating the economic value of a threatened wetland proved a turning point for IIED's Essam Mohammed. He argues the case for putting a value on nature to get your message across

    15 April 2015 | Blog | Economics
  • UNESCO considers Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area to be of global importance for biodiversity conservation, but it faces significant development pressure from tourism (Photo: Justin, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Mainstreaming nature and biodiversity into wider planning and policy

    Biodiversity conservation, climate change and economic development must be tackled together by the institutions that drive policy, rules, plans, investment and action – a process known as ‘mainstreaming’. We aim to ensure this happens through research, capacity building and partnerships with key organisations, communities and other actors

    16 August 2013 | Article | Biodiversity
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