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  • Land cleared for palm oil in Riau Province, Indonesia. Only half of Riau's palm oil plantations have official permits (Photo: Wakx, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Law in the natural resource squeeze: 'land grabbing', investment treaties and human rights

    Lorenzo Cotula discusses highlights from his latest academic piece, in which he explores whether investment treaties protect 'land grab' deals, and how these impact the land rights of rural people

    13 October 2016 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A basket full of coal taken illegally from an open-cast mine near the village of Bokapahari, India where a community of coal scavengers live and work © G. M. B. Akash / Panos Pictures

    How to use law to make foreign investment work for sustainable development

    As foreign investments in agriculture and extractive industries increase pressures on land and natural resources, governments and civil society can harness the law to promote sustainable development.

    22 November 2013 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Tackling the trade law dimension of ‘land grabbing’

    As trade talks regain momentum, ‘land grab’ activists are scrutinising negotiations and pioneering new opportunities for public accountability.

    14 November 2013 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Small-scale farmer in Tanzania. Photo: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

    Inclusive investment

    Known as ‘land grabs’ in the media, large-scale land-based investments have generated much international debate. Some commentators have welcomed the new livelihood opportunities investment may bring to lower-income countries. Others have raised concerns about negative social impacts, including loss of local rights to land, water and other natural resources; threats to local food security; and the risk that large-scale investments marginalise family farmers.

    1 October 2013 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Oxen plough a field in Ethiopia.

    African land deals: Is a policy shift underway?

    African governments have played a key role in allocating land to investors. Recent developments hold out promise for more carefully thought out approaches by them in the future.

    15 July 2013 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Book charts path from harmful land grabs to people-centred investment in Africa

    The time is ripe for a new approach to the large-scale land deals that ultimately connect millions of consumers and savers in rich nations with millions of poor rural farmers in Africa, says a new book by one of the world’s leading experts in such deals.

    15 July 2013 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Gaining Ground? Report sheds light on demand for accountability amid resistance to land deals in Africa

    People who feel wronged by large scale land deals in Africa are taking a variety of steps to seek justice, according to new research that examines the accountability of public authorities that preside over such deals and asks whether legal empowerment offers citizens scope to expect fairer outcomes.

    5 April 2013 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Zebras graze near a forest in Namibia.

    Conference to reveal links between conservation and land grabs

    Researchers will meet at London Zoo on 26-27 March to join the dots between large land deals, conservation, land rights and efforts to tackle poverty in poor communities worldwide.

    21 March 2013 | News | Biodiversity
  • A Kenyan landscape. Global interest in agricultural investment is on the rise.

    As global agri-investment increases, policies must put local people centre stage

    Agricultural investment policies favour big businesses, a new report shows. We must reshape them so investments meet local people's needs.

    6 December 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
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