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  • Man speaks passionately into a microphone

    IIED's Saleemul Huq awarded OBE

    IIED director Andrew Norton has hailed Saleemul Huq as a "tireless climate justice champion" after he was awarded an OBE by the Queen in the New Year's Honours List for his services to combating international climate change

    1 January 2022 | News | Climate change
  • Stilt houses tower above water.

    Loss and damage – research, policy and lived experience in least developed countries

    On Tuesday, 8 September, IIED and ICCCAD hosted a webinar featuring least developed countries' national experts sharing their research and lived experience of loss and damage. The discussion aimed to ensure that loss and damage remains a priority issue in the lead up to COP26

    14 August 2020 | Event | Climate change
  • People serving food

    Podcast: Improving climate budgeting during COVID-19

    The latest episode of the People, Planet and Public Finance podcast was recorded shortly after Cyclone Amphan hit Bangladesh and India. The storm, and the damage it caused, showed the vital importance of budgeting for climate risks – even as countries confront the coronavirus pandemic

    5 June 2020 | News | Climate change
  • Book cover: Resilience – The Science of Adaptation to Climate Change

    Book summary: Resilience – The Science of Adaptation to Climate Change

    The term ‘resilience’ – one of today’s hottest buzzwords in climate and development – comes under the spotlight in a new book that includes a chapter IIED’s Saleemul Huq has co-authored with researchers Yousuf Mahid and Nadine Suliman from the International Centre for Climate Change and Development

    28 March 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • Communities living in low-lying areas of Bangladesh are currently adapting incrementally to rising sea levels - but transformational adaptation will eventually be necessarily (Photo: Aurélien Paulus, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Author Q&A: Resilience – the science of adaptation to climate change

    Saleemul Huq discusses a new book exploring the term ‘resilience’ – one of today’s hottest buzzwords in climate and development. The book includes a chapter he has co-authored with researchers Yousuf Mahid and Nadine Suliman from the International Centre for Climate Change and Development

    28 March 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • The people of southern Bangladesh are resilient and good at adapting to change: the most common vehicle in the city of Mongla is an electric rickshaw powered by a 12volt battery (Photo: Andrew Norton/IIED)

    Snapshots of a changing world – climate change impacts in Bangladesh

    On a recent visit to Bangladesh, IIED director Andrew Norton saw first-hand the impacts of climate change and efforts to build resilience

    1 February 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • CBA10 side events

    CBA10 will feature a range of side events alongside the main conference on community-based adaptation

    18 April 2016 | Article | Climate change
  • Bangladesh: schoolchildren attend lessons at a school located on a boat (Photo: G.M.B. Akash/PANOS)

    Ten lessons on community-based adaptation

    Ahead of the 10th conference on community-based adaptation (CBA10), to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh this year, Saleemul Huq highlights some of the lessons learned from organising these events

    16 March 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • These houses built on stilts in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are a good example of urban initiatives adapting to climate change (Photo: David Dodman/IIED)

    The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10)

    The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA10) focused on enhancing urban community resilience

    16 December 2015 | Feature | Climate change
  • Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to climate change and is at the forefront of adaptation efforts. This homestead has been designed to offer flood protection (Photo: CGIAR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Sharing knowledge to climb the adaptation ladder

    When it comes to climate adaptation, the Least Developed Countries have the greatest expertise and other countries may benefit from learning from what they have done

    3 July 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • The Nairobi Declaration will be taken to this year's UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP21) by Fatima Mohamed Hussein, on behalf of the Kenyan government, the conference hosts (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)
  • Workers build up the banks of the Teesta River in Bangladesh. Bangladesh already spends six per cent of its annual budget on climate change adaptation (Photo: International Rivers, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Musings from a first timer at a CBA conference

    Bangladesh has become a "poster child" for adaptation work. For people working at a national level, attending CBA9 provides an opportunity to learn and share experiences internationally

    30 April 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Vietnam's Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute is working on developing rice strains that are more tolerant to heat, increased salinity and longer periods under water (Photos: V. Meadu/CCAFS)

    New publication studies climate finance at national level

    The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has published a new guide to climate finance co-authored by a team of IIED researchers

    20 March 2015 | News | Climate change
  • Ruth Nguli looks at her crop of drought-tolerant beans in Makueni County, Kenya. Developing and sharing climate-smart farming techniques can help communities adapt to climate changes (Photo: Cecilia Schubert/CCAFS, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    How do we measure adaptation?

    How do we effectively measure and enhance adaptation? Saleemul Huq looks at possible answers which will be discussed at the 9th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA9)

    11 March 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • A host of government leaders made pledges at the 2015 UN Climate Summit hosted by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (Photos: Saleemul Huq/IIED)

    A week that may change the world

    It's been a busy week for IIED senior fellow Saleemul Huq, with plenty of action unfolding on the climate change front in New York. Here he provides an inside look into what transpired, and some reflections on how the recent events may impact upcoming climate negotiations

    25 September 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Marchers, including Saleemul Huq, at the New York climate change march (Photos: IIED)

    Huq hails People's Climate march ahead of UN summit

    IIED's senior fellow, Saleemul Huq, has hailed the success of Sunday's People's Climate march in New York

    23 September 2014 | News | Climate change
  • Resilience Academies to connect climate change research, policy and practice

    The academies will focus on how to strengthen the resilience of livelihoods in a changing climate.

    10 September 2013 | News | Climate change
  • Participants in an ICCCAD course in Bangladesh. Photo: ICCCAD

    Learning how to adapt to climate change: advocacy, training and capacity building

    IIED works to help support southern countries as they adapt to climate change and the extreme weather events it brings. We do this by supporting partner organisations and experts that offer climate change adaptation training, advocacy and capacity building.

    17 December 2012 | Article | Climate change
  • A woman tends an irrigation channel in the Bolivian ‘altiplano,’ or highlands.

    Climate change adaptation needs to be part of national development planning

    Policymakers need to better integrate strategies for dealing with climate change into their country’s development plans, rather than leaving them isolated as stand-alone policies and projects.

    31 October 2012 | Blog | Climate change
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