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  • Two people carrying containers on their heads

    COVID-19 and the sites of rights resilience

    As we reflect on the place of human rights in the COVID-19 crisis, we should shine a light not only on ‘the state’ but on the local actors and processes that have contributed to the resilience of human rights constructs in the face of obstruction and repression

    26 May 2020 | Blog | Law
  • Lake Bogoria is home to one of the world's largest populations of Flamingos. It has been a protected reserve since 1973. The lake area was the traditional home of the Endorois people, who were forced to leave the area in the 1970s (Photo: Geoffroy Mauvais/IUCN)

    It's time to end conservation injustice

    Human injustices in the name of nature conservation have to become a relic of the past. It's time to get serious about human rights at the World Park Congress

    17 November 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Around 3,000 Samburu families have been affected by land purchase at Laikipia National Park in Kenya (Photo: Alfredo Miguel Romero via Creative Commons)

    Human Rights Standards for Conservation (Part III)

    This discussion paper looks at the mechanisms for redress against injustice available to indigenous peoples and asks: should a body focused on the conduct of conservation initiatives be formed?

    12 November 2014 | Article | Biodiversity
  • Flamingos around Lake Bogoria, the ancestral land of the Endorois people, Kenya (Photo: Minority Rights Group International)Lake Bogoria, the ancestral land of the Endorois people, Kenya (Photo: Emma Eastwood/MRG)

    Human Rights Standards for Conservation (Part II)

    This paper identifies key documents that contain provisions relevant to upholding the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities in a conservation context

    11 November 2014 | Article | Biodiversity
  • San peoples from the Kalahari have lived in harmony with nature, but their contribution to the conservation and sustainable uses of biodiversity lacks appropriate recognition, particularly in Botswana and South Africa (Photo: Harry Jonas)

    Human rights standards for conservation: rights, responsibilities and redress

    IIED and Natural Justice sought feedback on a series of papers that aimed to be a foundation for clear guidance about the human rights obligations of conservation actors

    11 November 2014 | Project | Biodiversity
  • A farmer's house and sugar cane field in Cambodia, where there is concern about large-scale investment in sugar plantations driving local people off the land (Photo: Brian Hoffman, via Creative Commons)

    Human rights should be at the heart of investment policy making

    If foreign investment is to promote inclusive sustainable development, investment policy must take human rights seriously

    20 October 2014 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Lake Bogoria, the ancestral land of the Endorois people, Kenya (Photo: Emma Eastwood/MRG)

    Human Rights Standards for Conservation (Part I)

    Human rights appeared in international law in the early 1900s when it was widely considered to apply only to states. This discussion paper provides an overview of the evolution of international law and policy as relevant to conservation initiatives, and presents the case that diverse actors such as international organisations, businesses, NGOs and funders, also have responsibilities and obligations for ensuring just conservation

    30 July 2014 | Article | Biodiversity
  • Invest in farmers, not in farmland

    "Land grabs" are now one of the biggest issues in Africa.

    22 February 2012 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • An accountability charter for conservation NGOs

    IIED worked with major international conservation organisations to develop a set of principles addressing human rights concerns, and a mechanism for monitoring compliance with those principles

    5 June 2008 | Project | Biodiversity
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