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  • Plastic boxes containing fish and ice

    Hilsa fish essential to Myanmar local nutrition and livelihoods, and needs protecting

    An IIED study has identified when and where spawning hilsa most require protection and highlights the need for different management strategies to ensure the sustainability of this key food source

    11 November 2019 | News | Biodiversity
  • Fishing boats on the Bay of Bengal

    Cooperation vs. competition over shared fish stocks

    When fisheries straddle national borders, cooperation between countries to manage their shared resources sustainably and equitably is vital. Bangladesh and Myanmar have come together to work out the best way to do this for the hilsa shad, one of the region’s most commercially and culturally important fish

    23 April 2019 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Shahajat Ali shows a newspaper article describing the incentive-based hilsa conservation programme under the Department of Fisheries (Photo: BCAS)

    EbA Evidence and Policy: Bangladesh

    The EbA Evidence and Policy Project is gathering evidence on the effectiveness of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) approaches in the fishery sector in Bangladesh to mainstream EbA into national climate change and fishery policies.    

    12 June 2018 | Project | Biodiversity
  • A fisher in a boat in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar

    Carrots and sticks: incentives to conserve hilsa fish in Myanmar

    Introducing incentive-based fisheries management in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta will protect fish stocks, safeguard biodiversity and help protect the livelihoods of local fishing communities

    30 October 2017 | Project | Fisheries
  • Hilsa fish at a wholesaler fish market in Dhaka (Photo: Ina Porras/IIED)

    The hilsa fishing ban: good for the fish, but good for the fisher?

    Seasonal fishing bans are helping to recover stocks of Bangladesh's national fish, the hilsa. Bigger fish are fetching better prices and – from traders to retailers − many people along the value chain are benefiting. But a new IIED study shows how one group is slipping through the net: the fishermen and women

    28 February 2017 | Blog | Fisheries
  • An image of Mohammad Sayedul Haque, the Bangladesh Minister of Fisheries and Livestock alongside a table around which sit participants from Bangladesh, Myanmar and India as they discuss sustainable hilsa fishery management (Photo: Essam Yassin Mohammed/IIED)

    Scientists call for international collaboration to safeguard hilsa fish stocks

    Scientists, academics and officials called for regional collaboration on safeguarding vital fish stocks in the Bay of Bengal at a seminar in Dhaka on May 4-5. The two-day seminar was organised to discuss research into incentive based fisheries management in Bangladesh and to explore opportunities for collaboration on sustainable fisheries between Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.

    6 May 2016 | News | Fisheries
  • A hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh. Inadequate government compensation during periods when fishing is banned has a harsh economic consequence for families (Photo: BBC World Service Bangladesh Boat, Creative Common, via Flickr)

    Forced to sell the roof over their heads

    Compensation supports fisher families during a ban on hilsa fishing in Bangladesh – but a visit to a family in Govinda exposes the harsh realities of income loss

    4 April 2016 | Blog | Economics
  • Bowls full of hilsa placed on a table

    Investing in hilsa fishery as economic infrastructure for Bangladesh

    Hilsa fishery is highly valuable to Bangladesh, and anecdotal evidence suggests that the use of economic incentives to manage the fishery has had positive social and ecological outcomes. This project aimed to estimate the true economic value of hilsa fishery and rigorously assess the impact of the economic incentive mechanism

    29 June 2015 | Project | Fisheries
  • Delegates discuss the Hilsa Conservation Trust Fund at the Bangladesh workshop. The fund is part of work to enhance the effectiveness of incentive-based fisheries management (Photo: Essam Yassin Mohammed/IIED)

    Conservation trust fund proposed to help manage Bangladesh fish stocks

    Proposals for a new Hilsa Conservation Trust Fund that aims to relieve the financial burden from the government and help bridge the finance gap were discussed by Bangladesh fisheries officials and researchers and practitioners on 11 June

    25 June 2015 | News | Fisheries
  • Bangladeshi fishers with debts must repay loans even when fishing is banned, resulting in illegal fishing activities (Photo: John Pavelka, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Idris bhai, your voice has been heard!

    A chance conversation with a Bangladeshi fisherman may have paid off

    24 March 2015 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Government officials and researchers discuss the future of hilsa management on 19 January (Photo: Essam Mohammed/IIED)

    UK's Darwin Initiative funded project strives to reduce threats to hilsa fish

    Senior Bangladeshi officials, researchers and IIED staff have met to review a project that aims to restore hilsa fish stocks and create a sustainable fishing industry in the country

    19 January 2015 | News | Fisheries
  • Fishermen along the Meghna Rover (Photo: Essam Mohammed/IIED)

    Want to know how to save a fish species? Ask a fisher

    When Essam Yassin Mohammed asked a former fisherman in Bangladesh how to protect a fish that feeds millions of people, he learnt about four overlooked factors that intensify threats to the species

    8 June 2014 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Fishermen collecting the day's catch

    Bangladesh: protecting the Hilsa from overfishing

    Innovative ways to tackle overfishing problems and allow threatened hilsa fish stocks in Bangladesh to recover were devised by IIED and partners

    26 June 2013 | Project | Fisheries
  •  Men and women fish off the island of Padma Pakur. Image by Espen Rasmussen/PANOS

    Compensation for conservation of Bangladesh’s national fish

    IIED and partners have launched a project that aims to conserve the most important fish species in the cuisine of Bangladesh — the hilsa — by redesigning a system that rewards people who help to protect it.

    28 May 2013 | News | Fisheries
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