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  • View of the city of Delhi at night

    The global geography of world cities

    Various lists and indicators are used to determine which cities are deemed ‘world cities’. David Satterthwaite examines different indicators and discusses which cities come out on top

    9 July 2020 | Blog | Economics
  • Four people sat around a table speaking into microphones

    The trouble with growth: Make Change Happen podcast episode 4

    The concept of economic growth has dominated political and policy thinking for 50 years. But increasingly, that hold is being questioned, as the urgent need to cut emissions, protect nature and create a more socially just world becomes ever clearer. In this episode, IIED director Andrew Norton asks: what is the trouble with growth, and how can we fix it?

    11 March 2020 | Article | Economics
  • Occupy London protestors outside St Paul's Cathedral.

    Statistics: The middle tells you nothing about the extremes

    Humans are made up of two halves – the heart and head, and the lower bit, "stomach, sex and kicks.” Focusing on the middle tells you nothing about the two extreme halves.

    24 October 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • Image of Namibian drylands with a stone hill rising in the background.

    3-point action plan for leaders at Rio+20 summit

    The International Institute for Environment and Development urges governments to invest in resilience, strengthen local control over natural resources, and apply realistic values to the environment and human wellbeing in order to steer societies onto a more secure path.

    22 May 2012 | News | Green economy
  • Three views on how to save a planet under pressure

    If someone had peeked into room seven at the Excel centre yesterday they would have seen small groups clustered around tables talking animatedly and scribbling notes onto large pieces of paper. They were part of a World Café session discussing how to ensure poor people can benefit from the green economy.

    27 March 2012 | Blog | Green economy
  • Leading scientists and experts urge leaders to move beyond GDP and value nature

    A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development – and all past winners of the Blue Planet Prize – call

    21 February 2012 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • Top scientists urge end to policy and governance failures to tackle social and environmental crises

    Top scientists will today (20 February) urge governments to replace GDP as a measure of wealth, end damaging subsidies, and transform systems of governance to set humanity on a new path to a better

    20 February 2012 | News | Climate change
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