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  • Stands of giant bamboo, in what was once degraded cattle pasture, are ready to be loaded onto trucks (Photo: Duncan Macqueen)

    Bamboozled by bamboo?

    A workshop in Ecuador heard how a new toolkit is helping practitioners get to grips with risk in locally controlled forest and farm business

    9 December 2016 | Blog | Forests
  • Oscar Simanto, one of the founders of the African Forest Enterprises Connect Network (AFECONET), connect forest and farm producers across Africa (Image: IIED)

    New network aims to connect locally controlled forest enterprises across Africa

    The African Forest Enterprises Connect Network (AFECONET) has been set up to connect and support locally controlled forest and farm producers

    26 October 2015 | News | Forests
  • Trees at Oxford Botanical Gardens. The question is not how to engage young people in forestry issues, but how to harness that engagement (Photo: Geraldine Warren/IIED)

    Nurturing the next generation of foresters

    IIED's Geraldine Warren has joined the social reporting team for the World Forestry Congress in Durban. Her first blog looks at the importance of including young people in efforts to conserve forests

    24 August 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • Participants from 26 countries attended the Forest Connect workshop (Photo: Hop Thinh)

    Locally controlled forestry enterprises could teach us all a thing or two

    Four lessons for successful locally controlled forest enterprises from the Forest Connect workshop in Vietnam

    4 February 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • The Dolakha FSC-certified community forest user group speaking at the International Forest Connect workshop in Nepal in February 2013 (Photo: Leianne Rolington/IIED)

    Focusing support for locally controlled forest enterprise

    Funding to Forest Connect led to diagnosis of effective investments, clarified our strategy and attracted new members

    14 March 2014 | Article | Forests
  • Group of participants stand for a picture during the International Forest Connect workshop in Nepal in February 2013.

    Forest Connect

    To restore forests and get out of poverty, rural communities need the knowledge and connections to build flourishing enterprises. Forest landscapes are among the most isolated and marginalised areas in the world, where land, food and energy security and income generation are pressing concerns. Achieving sustainable development in the forest landscape while addressing those immediate needs is a complex challenge that requires joined-up efforts

    12 September 2013 | Project | Forests
  • Commercial logging in Tengchong, China. Photo: Simon Lim

    Supporting locally-controlled forest enterprises

    Locally-controlled forest enterprises are a key way to protect both forests and the livelihoods of those who live in and around them. But they can be weak and so small that profits are marginal. That’s why IIED is working to strengthen their capacity and organisation.

    11 September 2013 | Article | Forests
  • Mountains, forests and rice paddies in Nepal. Photo: Sajal Sthapit

    Forest businesses 'fit for life'

    Those designing forests businesses that are ‘fit for life’ won’t be taking any inspiration from Doha airport, says one weary blogger.

    18 February 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • Early morning in a forest in Nepal’s Langtang valley.

    Investing in locally controlled forestry: Where to put scarce money?

    As policymakers and donors begin to recognise the value of locally-controlled forest enterprises they will need to decide which of the many possible types of enterprise to support with their scarce resources.

    5 February 2013 | News | Forests
  • Forest Connect: championing local forest enterprises

    Last week (16–18 February), I joined the Forest Connect alliance at a meeting in Ethiopia to learn from the country’s experience in locally controlled forestry and reaffirm our vision that poverty reduction and forest conservation can go hand in hand if locally controlled forest enterprises can be made profitable and sustainable.

    24 February 2011 | Blog | Forests
  • World Forestry Congress

    The World Forestry Congress, held every six years, is the largest and most significant gathering of the world's forestry sector. Here are some articles on the most important issues for 2009.

    17 October 2009 | Article | Forests
  • Green Shoots and REDD herrings

    Forests continue to be trashed in many places. One recent estimate, admittedly ‘on the back-of-an- envelope’, indicates a global natural capital loss of US$2.5 trillion a year, of which forests represent a substantial part. We have all recently become used to hearing about trillions of dollars being wiped off the world’s ‘virtual economy’, but this natural capital is real, and its loss is permanent.

    15 October 2009 | Article | Forests
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