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  • Weighing sacks of coffee beans in Colombia's southwestern Cauca department (Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT)

    Environmental Funds: sustainable finance for conservation

    Conservation Trust Funds provide sustainable financing for long-term conservation. Guest blogger Ann Marie Steffa Avila looks at the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) in supporting grass roots projects. She explains how the funds operate and looks at a project to fund six ecotourism organisations

    23 July 2014 | Blog | Economics
  • Communities are protecting Vietnam’s forests, but are they sharing in the benefits yet?

    Protecting forests from illegal logging and helping them to flourish is of paramount importance in the fight against climate change.  But of equal importance is ensuring that systems of forest management are helping to pull those dependent on forests out of poverty. 

    30 March 2012 | Blog | Forests
  • Sustainable tourism

    IIED works on a number of tourism projects that look at the forces and processes which impact and influence tourism development, to evaluate how more positive benefits can be gained to put poor people and the environment at the forefront of future tourism development.

    21 June 2011 | Article | Economics
  • Will biodiversity loss break the bank?

    Is the biodiversity drain speeding up? As Juliette Jowit reports in a recent Guardian, a study by Simon Stuart of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Species Survival Commission reveals that humans are driving extinctions ‘faster than new species can evolve’. That might not surprise some in Madagascar — the California-sized ‘eighth continent’ off Africa’s southeastern coast, and a crucible of species from lemurs to octopus trees. This positively sizzling biodiversity hotspot is in danger of becoming little more than a barren political minefield. All of which strikes a bleak note in this, the International Year of Biodiversity.

    9 March 2010 | Blog | Biodiversity
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