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  • A water connection to link the Lobé river to Kribi harbour, South Region, Cameroon

    LandCam: securing land and resource rights and improving governance in Cameroon

    Cameroon is revising its land and natural resource laws. This project supports this effort by piloting approaches to improve resource governance in rural areas and by helping citizens participate in the policy reform process

    8 May 2017 | Project | Governance
  • Protect and survive: customary safeguards, traditional knowledge

    In thousands of rural communities from Bolivia to Bangladesh, traditional knowledge makes up the living core of culture. Bound up with local livelihoods and biodiversity, it forms a holistic system precisely tailored to local needs and environmental capacity. Its evolution over time and through shifting conditions ensures traditional practices are robust and adaptable to climate change.

    9 November 2009 | Article | Biodiversity
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