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  • Hundreds of protesting young people march behind a sign saying "Global strike for climate change"

    Q&A: CBA15 – is your climate innovation hot enough for the Dragons’ Den?

    Juliet Grace Luwedde, joint winner of the Dragons’ Den contest at the 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation (CBA14), talks about her experience, what she learned, what she gained and how we can make this year's Dragons’ Den event even better

    31 March 2021 | Article | Climate change
  • Nine toolkits are available to share the experiences of Southern networks carrying out climate change advocacy (Image: Southern Voices)

    It's getting hot here: Southern advocacy to address climate change

    A new advocacy toolkit aims to close the gap between the science and the lacklustre ambition and action by the public and policy makers on climate change

    9 January 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Men in Cote d'Ivoire listen to a radio.

    Three things that stop development organisations being agents of change

    Many development organisations fail to become true agents of change. Liz Carlile sets out some of the obstacles and asks how we can help bring hard science and local knowledge together to provide better solutions at the community level.

    23 November 2012 | Blog | Communication
  • CCAFS, together with partners, is trying to develop new ways to communicate climate change adaptation. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)

    New ways to communicate climate change and adaptation - is it time for something “loopy”?

    We know that real change takes place when we learn by doing, and as development specialists we are all very good at telling people what to do. But as researchers and practitioners engaged in a shared learning process for change we still have a very long way to go.

    19 October 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • COP17

    United Nations climate change negotiations: IIED at COP17

    IIED was the summit in Durban, sharing learning from our research, training journalists and providing analysis of the unfolding events

    20 December 2011 | Article | Climate change
  • Creating a communication buzz in Zimbabwe

    Mobile lectures, a mock newsroom tussle between journalists competing for their editor’s attention, and imagining a day in the life of policymakers and poor farmers were just some of the innovative elements of two workshops on climate change communication run by IIED in Zimbabwe in February 2011.

    17 October 2011 | News | Climate change
  • Making REDD+ deliver for everyone

    With deforestation and forest degradation being the third largest global contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, forests have an enormous role to play in any attempts to combat climate change. An international scheme called REDD+ (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest degradation, conservation, sustainable forest mangement and enhancement of carbon stocks) offers a financial incentive to keep trees standing and reduce global greenhouse emissions. Our workshop on 27 November shared perspectives on how we can make REDD+ deliver for people who depend on the forests.

    11 October 2011 | Article | Climate change
  • Development and Climate days at COP17

    The 2011 Development and Climate (D&C) Days event focused on “evidence-based adaptation planning”.

    6 October 2011 | News | Climate change
  • CBA 2011: conference feedback

    The Fifth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh from Monday, 28 to Thursday, 31 March 2011. Participants, represented NGOs, government, international organisations, and academia. Here are some of the things they had to say.

    1 April 2011 | Article | Climate change
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