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  • Three elephants in the savanna

    Conserving wildlife: how insurance can help

    A short five-minute video filmed in Kenya and Sri Lanka makes the case for a new form of private insurance – a product that will cover the risks and consequences of human-wildlife conflict for households and in doing so, reduce the likelihood of animal deaths

    7 July 2022 | News | Biodiversity
  • A wooden fence leads on to a field behind which are trees

    From risk to resilience: incubating adaptive climate-proof businesses

    In January 2022 a Forest and Farm Facility training event provided a refresher course on two toolkits that have been developed to support practitioners in improving business incubation and risk management processes – plus a new module on 30 practical options to climate-proof your business

    15 February 2022 | Article | Climate change
  • A crowd gathers outside to see a presentation

    Energy, finance and community business – where is the money?

    This online event, on 30 November, explored what mechanisms can enable community businesses and farmers to access the financing they need to grow their businesses by using energy productively

    13 November 2020 | Event | Energy
  • Two women sewing face masks

    Business with purpose in the era of COVID-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has delivered a profound shock to the world economy. IIED's Laura Kelly argues that businesses must commit to more responsible and inclusive practices as part of their efforts to build recovery

    18 May 2020 | Blog | Economics
  • A beautiful coastline but, in the foreground, a woman is sorting a huge pile of plastic bottles

    Wanted: corporate global citizens to deliver the SDGs

    Businesses are global citizens too – and have a prominent role in collective achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, explains guest blogger David Croft

    24 January 2020 | Blog | Green economy
  • Wind turbines on the top of a hill

    Is Davos signalling the end of business as usual?

    As world leaders in politics and business gather in Davos, IIED director Andrew Norton considers progress on the event’s ‘business with purpose’ agenda and asks how a progressive sustainability manifesto can omit climate change

    21 January 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • A row of women sitting with baskets of freshly picked tea leaves

    We need more than business as usual, to leave no one behind

    In the latest blog in our series exploring how business and investors can contribute to achieving the SDGs, Rijit Sengupta discusses the challenges and opportunities for businesses in India seeking to raise the bar on sustainability

    10 January 2020 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • A group of young women protestors with placards, one reading "Your profits can't buy another planet"

    Ten reasons why we have to rewrite the sustainability rule book, and now

    Companies are lagging behind when it comes to action on climate change. Mike Barry shares his tips on becoming the sustainable business leaders of tomorrow

    8 December 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • A handful of seedlings

    Bringing business into the conversation on sustainable development

    IIED has launched a new series of blogs and interviews exploring how business and investors are contributing to sustainable development

    18 November 2019 | News | Sustainable markets
  • A young man on a hillside, planting a tree.

    When investors go green

    Pernille Holtedahl unpacks the growing appetite for green bonds and suggests this is a movement driven by the broader public – not just business

    18 November 2019 | Blog | Economics
  • Close-up image of cotton growing

    Q&A: Ready for impact?

    In the first of a series of articles exploring how investors and business can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, IIED’s Laura Kelly puts questions to Chris West from Sumerian Partners on the lessons and challenges from impact investing

    7 November 2019 | Article | Economics
  • Seedlings. Impact investing directs investment capital to enterprises delivering positive environmental and social impacts, and could play an important role in financing sustainable development (Photo: Geoff Maddock, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Business as usual – or business with purpose?

    As we launch our new strategy, Laura Kelly, director of IIED’s Shaping Sustainable Markets research group, considers how the private sector can respond to development and environmental challenges – and how IIED can support business to deliver positive change

    17 April 2019 | Blog | Economics
  • Traffic jam in China. Photo: Simon Lim

    Green Growth, and how we get there

    A Chatham House hosted meeting on green growth offers clues for governments perplexed as to how and when to get the economy growing again – this time more sustainably.

    1 March 2013 | Blog | Economics
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