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  • A village in Burkina Faso. Land investment in Africa is growing driven by rises in global food prices, companies who see market opportunities in biofuels, and overseas countries anxious to secure their food supplies through direct investment. Photo: Tex

    ‘Land grabbing’ in Africa: Biofuels are not off the hook

    A new report claims that European demand for biofuels is not to blame for land acquisitions in poorer countries. But evidence suggests that the issue is more complex than the biofuels industry would like us to believe.

    16 October 2013 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A girl studies under the light of a rechargeable solar lamp

    Improving people’s access to sustainable energy

    1.3 billion people have no electricity and 2.7 billion people do not have clean and safe access to energy for cooking. This means that around 40% of the world’s population breathe in toxic smoke created when burning charcoal, wood, coal or animal waste to cook their food.

    26 October 2012 | Project | Energy
  • Biomass: boon or bane?

    A new IIED briefing paper asks some hard questions about biomass investments and warns that rising demand for renewable energy sources could drive land grabs.

    31 August 2011 | Blog | Energy
  • Can the forest biomass boom be made sustainable?

    IIED is supporting the 2nd Annual Forestry, Biomass & Sustainability conference, which will explore the changing role of forestry in the search for greener economies that reduce carbon emissions.

    3 May 2011 | News | Energy
  • Biofuels: Africa focus

    IIED produced a series of reports addressing various potential threats and opportunities from biofuels expansion in Africa

    5 May 2010 | Project | Energy
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