RRA Notes 9: General Issue

This issue of RRA Notes includes accounts of how the RRA approach has been used to work on agroforestry in the Philippines, for work with rural artisans in Zimbabwe and for poverty investigation in Swaziland.

Article, 31 July 1990
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

August 1990

The first paper in this edition of RRA Notes details a wealth ranking procedure in Swaziland. The paper emphasises the need for training and observes that setting aside adequate time for the process is essential in order that good results be obtained.

The second contribution reports on an RRA held in three upland communities in the North East Palawan province in the Philippines. The third paper looks at the techniques employed in an appraisal of artisanal activities in Zimbabwe.

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Wealth ranking: a method to identify the poorest
Verona Groverman

Rapid Rural Appraisal: lessons learnt from experiences in the Philippines
Victoria Ortega-Espaldon and Leonardo Florece

Some techniques for Rapid Rural Appraisal of artisanal infrastructures
Godfrey Cromwell

Hearing AIDS for interviewing
John Mitchell and Hugo Slim

Participatory Rural Appraisal: is it culturally neutral? Thoughts from a PRA in Guinea-Bissau
Weyman Fussell