RRA Notes 8: General Issue

This edition of RRA Notes focuses on the themes of nutrition, welfare, and participation.

Article, 01 January 1990
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

January 1990

The articles in this issue illustrate the diversity of RRA applications. The first two articles focus on nutrition and draw on experiences from Nepal, Zambia and Sudan.

The third item is a report of an RRA held in Bededo Peasant Association, northern Ethiopia. The fourth article reports on the results of two ranking exercises related to income-earning opportunities for famers in Ethiopia.

The final article describes a five-day RRA exercise carried out in a village in Gujarat which aimed to classify the economic status of community members.

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Nutrition and RRA
Judith Appleton

The use of wealth ranking in nutrition surveys in Sudan
Helen Young

The role of community participants in RRA methods in Ethiopia
Dessalegn Debebe

Attitudes to income-earning opportunities: report of a ranking exercise in Ethiopia
Simon Maxwell

Economic classification of a community using locally generated criteria
Parmesh Shah