RRA Notes 3: General Issue

This general issue RRA Notes includes articles reporting on work in Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and North West Pakistan.

Article, 01 December 1998
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

December 1988

This edition is concerned with methodologies at several different stages of the development process. The first article looks at the use of ranking as a technique for analysing species of trees and shrubs eaten by cattle in Nigeria. This edition also includes a report on creating user-oriented handbooks about RRA methods. Another contribution looks at uses for local calendars and oral history. The final article reports from North West Pakistan on using stories to describe information.

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Ranking of browse species by Cattlekeepers in Nigeria
Wolfgang Bayer

Direct matrix ranking in Papua New Guinea
Robin Mearns

The use of sustainability analysis in Northeast Thailand
Iain Craig

Oral histories and local calendars in Papua New Guinea
Robin Mearns

Portraits and stories
Jules Pretty