RRA Notes 18: General Issue

This issue of RRA Notes is a general issue which reflects a rich diversity of both thoughtful and practical contributions from around the world.

Article, 31 May 1993
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

June 1993

David Mosse, et al

Some of the methods that are covered by the articles in this edition are: genealogies and mapping, pie diagrams, wealth ranking, and matrix ranking. Case studies are from India, Indonesia, Australia, Chad, Zimbabwe, Nepal, and the Philippines.

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Genealogies as a method of social mapping in PRA
David Mosse and Mona Mehta

Are some ‘participatory’ techniques culturally biased? (Or: are we hooked on Mom's apple pie?)
Gerard J. Gill

Community self-survey
Huub Gaymans and Yanti Maskoen

Learning to use RRA and PRA to improve the activities of two landcare groups in Australia
Tony Dunn

Finding out how people prioritise their food security problems in Chad: the challenges of RRA at national level
M. Buchanan-Smith, K. Abdelkader, M. Saleh Abdelmajid, A. Allemane, I. Banguita, Behom, S. Djel, B. Idrissa, U. Kleih, B. Mbailenang, F. Rivière, A. Sainibi, D. Tambayo and B. Vandou

Community participation in small and big villages
N. Narayanasamy and M.P. Boraian

Some observations on wealth ranking after an RRA looking at soil fertility management in Northeastern Zimbabwe
S. Carter, A. Chidiamassamba, P. Jeranyama, B. Mafukidze, G. Malakela, Z. Mvena, M. Mudhara, N. Nabane, S. Van Oosterhout-Campbell, L. Price and N. Sithole

Wealth ranking for agricultural research purposes in the Eastern Hills of Nepal
G.O'G. Sharrock, K. Waldie and Y. Joshi

FARMI's experiences on wealth ranking in the Philippines: different farmers have different needs
L. Tung and F. Baliña

PRA: an approach to find felt needs of crop varieties
M. Manoharan, K. Velayudham and N. Shunmugavalli

Tips for Trainers: Symbolic introductions