RRA Notes 13: The proceedings of the Bangalore PRA Trainers Workshop

This edition of RRA Notes reports on a three-day workshop for PRA trainers held in Bangalore.

Article, 30 September 1991
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

August 1991

James Mascarenhas et al

In February of 1991, MYRADA, an NGO based in Bangalore, convened a three-day workshop to enable practitioners to come together and share their experiences. The PRA Trainers Workshop was attended by 35 PRA trainers, representing 18 different institutions.

The objective of this special issue of RRA Notes is to share some of the thoughts and findings of the workshop participants. There are two main sections. The first is an overview of the major issues arising during group discussions and presentations. The second contains 13 different papers representing overviews and case studies of PRA, particularly detailing innovations in both methods and process.

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Part A: Overview of the Workshop

Overview of PRA in India: review and future directions
James Mascarenhas, Parmesh Shah, Sam Joseph, Ravi Jayakaran, John Devavaram, Vidya Ramachandran, Aloysius Fernandez, Robert Chambers and Jules Pretty

Part B: PRA papers

PRA and Participatory Learning Methods: recent experiences from MYRADA and South India
James Mascarenhas

Sharing our limited experience for trainers
Aloysius Fernandez, James Mascarenhas and Vidya Ramachandran

Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning (PRAP): the experience of AKRSP
Parmesh Shah, Girish Bharadwaj and Ranjit Ambastha

Farmers as analysts and facilitators in Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning
Parmesh Shah, Girish Jharadwaj and Ranjit Ambastha

PRA in Malda District, West Bengal: report of a training workshop for ActionAid India and Tagore Society for Rural Development
Thomas Joseph and Sam Joseph

PRA for rural resource management
John Devavaram, Ms Nalini, J. Vimalnathan, Abdul Sukkar, Krishnan, A. P. Mayandi and Karunanidhi

Anantapur experiment in PRA training
Somesh Kuma

PRA camp at Mahilong, Bihar: Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra
Ravi Jayakaran

Wealth ranking in Mahilong, Bihar
Anup Sarkar

PRA approach and strategy: the HIDA/MYRADA Agroforestry Programme in Andhra Pradesh
Eva Robinson

Participatory impact monitoring of a soil and water conservation programme by farmers, extension volunteers and AKRSP
Parmesh Shah, Girish Bharadwaj and Ranjit Ambastha

PRA: a brief note on ActionAid's experience
Sam Joseph

MYRADA Kamasamudram project: a brief report
A. L. Shivaraja, Rajendra Prasad, T G Bhat, Anjaneya Reddy, Amarnatha Jadav and Benedicta Cutinha