PLA 56: General issue

This issue of Participatory Learning and Action contains a range of articles of general interest to participatory practitioners.

Article, 31 May 2007
Participatory Learning and Action
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June 2007

Themes covered in this edition include: sequential steps for empowering rural communities for local development; participatory monitoring and evaluation in Bangalore; participatory approaches to public accountability in Ghana; using participatory video for monitoring and evaluation; participatory systemisation; wholistic worldview analysis; and children's participation in governance and decision making. 

Tips for trainers describes the action learning of capacity building in systemisation methodologies. The issue also includes the regular In Touch section.

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Sequential steps for empowering community organisations for local development 
Anil C Shah

Moving forwards with participatory monitoring and evaluation 
Karen Hillyer and Simone Purohit

Holding service providers to account: community scorecards and district-level forums
Clement A. Akasoba and Lance W. Robinson

The Most Significant Change: using participatory video for monitoring and evaluation
Chris Lunch

From participatory systematisation to a regional network for policy change 
Frances Hansford, Virginia Araújo Lima Santana, and Gérman Hilares Reinoso

Wholistic worldview analysis: understanding community realities 
Ravi Jayakaran

Children in the driver’s seat
P.J. Lolichen with Anuradha Shetty, Jyoti Shenoy and Christie Nash

Tips for Trainers:  Reflective action-learning: building capacity in systematisation methodologies

Frances Hansford and Manuel Llanos

In Touch

RCPLA Network